Youth Boy's STX Stallion 200 Starter Kit

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*Important: Please use the Helmet Size and Glove Size Charts to measure before placing your order.

Set is for Boy's age 10 & Under and features the Stallion 200 Stick, Stallion 100 Helmet, Stallion 100 Gloves, Stallion 50 Shoulder Pads, Stallion 50 Arm Guards and 2 Soft Ball pack.

Stallion 200 Stick - inspired by the elite Stallion U 550 head, head is molded with softer material to provide a forgiving response. Includes Stallion 6000 series alloy handle. Designed to help players develop proper fundamentals. Easy catching and ball control for all entry-level players. Soft mesh stringing. Meets NCAA and NFHS rules.

Stallion 100 Helmet - designed for the youth player that is dedicated to developing his game. Made out of an ABS Shell that uses impact modifiers for a more efficient protective system. Features an Elastic Adjustment System that allows more of a contoured fit. Consists of Expanded Polypropylene liner which disperses collision energy effectively. *Helmet Size Chart. STX Stallion 100 helmet ships separately from other equipment. 

Stallion 50 Glove - designed for the youth player just beginning to learn the game. Features a ventilated palm and gussets for improved breathability paired with a lightweight polyester shell construction. The aspirational back-of-hand design harkens to the next level Stallion 500 glove. *Glove Size Chart

Stallion 50 Arm Pad - generous coverage area provides protection for new players. Adjustable straps keep pad in place. Integrated flexion pads for added protection on the elbow and ulnar nerve. Name tag ensures your pads remain yours.

Stallion 50 Shoulder Pad - generous coverage area to protect new players. Expanded adjust-ability for a wider range of player sizes. Name tag ensures your pads remain yours. Integrated "reversible pinnie" holders.